How to Install Minecraft on your GeoBook - Windows 11


If you have purchased a Minecraft Edition GeoBook please follow the steps below to redeem your copy of Minecraft. This guide is for GeoBooks that are running Windows 11.

Before you begin, please make sure you are signed in to the store with your Microsoft Account. Once claimed, you will not be able to transfer Minecraft to a different account.

The minimum age requirement for Minecraft is 7 (UK).

  1. Open the Microsoft Store
2. Search 'Minecraft' and select the one that is included with the device.
4. You will need to switch out of S Mode.
5. Click 'Get'
 5. Once you have switched out of S Mode, you can claim your included copy of Minecraft!

You should now be set-up and ready to go with Minecraft successfully installed on your new GeoBook.

No Minecraft?

If Minecraft is not appearing on your device, please try the following:

- Go to Settings> Windows Updates, click 'Check for updates' and run all available Windows updates.

- In the Microsoft Store go to 'Downloads and Updates' and update all the store apps.

- Restart after all updates have been completed. Minecraft should now be available.

If for any reason this isn't the case and you're having difficulty getting Minecraft installed, please contact our support team for assistance.

Have a code?

For help downloading Minecraft from a code, please follow this link


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